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another amazing kink edit

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i love this section so damn much

props never looked this good

<3 u metalbikes
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“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.”

trampoline banger approved
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So this company ALBE’S (BMX mailorder) had a t-shirt contest and I sent them a few of my doodles.

My shirt didn’t win but they liked it enough to print it on some ‘slim fit’ shirts. Sort of bummed because I basically told them AA shirts or bust, but nonetheless it’s cool that they’d put the shirt up and gave me some dough for it.

go buy one!
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dan coxxx in TWW

so good! makes me want to put a freecoaster back on my bike even though they are incredibly frustrating.

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This is most well done BMX web video ever made.

guess it’s for a contest for Nike. if this video doesn’t win, then someone should get fired.
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Ty Morrow might be my favorite rider.

Holy Shit. This video is incredibly good.
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