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traditional boulala part (baker 3)

still awesome, goes down rad every time
-tuff ghost


raiden was da bomb

shark tooth: “the shorts the kid in the blue is wearing are fucking sweet!”
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So this company ALBE’S (BMX mailorder) had a t-shirt contest and I sent them a few of my doodles.

My shirt didn’t win but they liked it enough to print it on some ‘slim fit’ shirts. Sort of bummed because I basically told them AA shirts or bust, but nonetheless it’s cool that they’d put the shirt up and gave me some dough for it.

go buy one!
-tuff ghost

i’m feeling irrelevant

I just stumbled upon this blog ‘hipster runoff’ via this article.

Here is a little excerpt from a post that made me laugh:

[Photo by thecobrasnake]
Yall probably remember the internet meme sensation that I created called ALT BINGO. It also had other spinoffs like BLIPSTER BINGO and HRO BINGO. I think people think that these are ‘just internet memes.’ They are wrong. These are games that are meant to take your daily life to the next level.

Lol. Anyway, the guy kind of makes you feel like you are being mocked the entire time you are reading, but it appears all in good harmless fun and you can still feel good about yourself.

Plus he calls Animal Collective AnCo, I guess because I talks about them so much.

HIPSTER RUNOFF: The Most Conceptually Celebrated Blog in the History of the Memesphere
Check it out.
-tuff ghost

let’s make this a reality

-tuff ghost