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another amazing kink edit

-tuff ghost


This is most well done BMX web video ever made.

guess it’s for a contest for Nike. if this video doesn’t win, then someone should get fired.
-tuff ghost

The Cox brothers are still amazing

Joe Cox uploaded bonus sections from his awesome DVD project Tomorrow We Work, and here are two of them.

Dan Cox:

Joe Cox:

just smashing
-tuff ghost

new appreciation for trails

i’ve been in austin texas for a few days now and have a new understanding of what riding trails is supposed to look like. then i saw this video, enjoyed the song, the editing, the filming, the riding, and even the trails themselves (look at those beautiful trees and how pale the dirt is).

-tuff ghost

Kink Roadtrip Video (WOW)

Kink is really doing it right these days.
Don’t know where it came from but they are killing it.
-tuff ghost

never underestimate the x-up

Check out this dude’s portfolio: Quis
Saw this on thecomeupbmx and couldn’t deny it be posted here.
Excellent stuff:

-tuff ghost